About Us

LRJ GLOBAL VENTURES GROUP based in Vancouver Canada provides results-oriented strategic business advisory, consulting and facilitation services for client companies in the United States, Europe and Canada. We are specialists in the chain restaurant, specialty eatery, coffee, bakery, and bread sectors, providing assistance and advice to American and international chains wishing to enter Canada using the area development agreement (ADA) model, with Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island as the point of entry.

Our business is getting results. Our philosophy and approach is to add value by bringing our specialized expertise and experience in strategy and structure, the business model and business plan process, facilitating, negotiating and closing transactions, and arranging capital if required.

We achieve results based on our expertise, experience, reputation, and our relationships within a wide network in chain restaurants, coffee, bakery and bread, and in the financial and business community in general.

We are business advisors, consultants and facilitators. We are not brokers. With regard to ADA's we take a hands-on rifle approach to identifying, selecting and qualifying prospective area developers through our relationships, as compared to the commission-based shotgun approach of brokers. We are very selective, with the goal of identifying and closing the most highly qualified area developers, on a strictly private and confidential exclusive basis for our clients.  Our goal is to identify and qualify the highest quality area developers and to facilitate the closing of an ADA as soon as possible.

Prior to proceeding with a transaction we are retained on an exclusive basis as business advisors, consultants and facilitators under a confidential retainer agreement. 

We are compensated for the value we add with upfront earnest-money retainers and backend performance/results fees when transactions close. The retainers cover our value-added time for our due diligence, business planning and modeling for the Canadian market, packaging, and the area developer qualification required for a smooth and successful ADA closing. The backend fees and participations compensate us for the results achieved when transactions close, and comprise the bulk of our compensation.

We also offer results-oriented strategic advice and assistance in the ADA process for Canadian entrepreneurs wishing to acquire Canadian area development rights to American chain brands.